Our Guiding Principles

We at Croft & Andrews will strive to commit ourselves to the 8 basic principles we believe in:

1. CUSTOMER COMMITMENT, striving to provide the best products and the fairest price for those products.

2. QUALITY OF PRODUCTS WE MAKE, using the best fabrics with the technical performance unmatched in the industry.

3. INTERGITY, for and with the customer we serve.

4. TEAMWORK, a solid team to deliver our products with the best since of urgency.

5. RESPECT FOR PEOPLE, the ones we provide service for and the ones who provide the service.

6. GOOD CITIZENSHIP, being a good citizen to our customer, our workers and our environment.

7. A WILL TO WIN,  to make our products above and beyond the competition, in quality,service and price.

8. PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY, we are personally accountable to our customer to uphold these 8 basic principles. 

Proudly a Haus of Brands company