The C&A Approach

Who are we?

C&A is a brand based on quality, at a reasonable price. We feel our products can be offered with the same style, fabrics and performance of the higher priced companies at a price our customers can appreciate and rely on.

Why we sell what we sell? 

In our line of apparel we have chosen the best performance fabrics and combined them with today’s technology that allow ease of care without sacrificing comfort or the beauty of the design of the garment.

Transparency in pricing

Our number one guiding principle is our commitment to provide the best products and the fairest price to our customers.  To that end we are taking a different approach to pricing our products.

We will provide our registered clients the opportunity to make significant savings and avoid the traditional markups that inevitably elevate the final prices they pay.

Create and account and begin saving today.

Why take a different approach?

Our roots in private label apparel manufacturing, provides us a keen insight into the different stages of the “concept to consumer” process of bringing apparel to market. We strongly believe there is a different way to offer real value and win the loyalty our our customers.

Where are we located?

Our main office is located in Glenview, IL. Our representative are located throughout the US.

Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better!